Good Things Are Happening!

Good Things Are Happening Featured ImageAviv Fellowships continues to grow which is encouraging, however, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you hear from some Guardians on the front lines

“Hello Matthew! I signed up to be an Aviv fellowship…even though it is just me. The good news is that someone, a couple of towns over from me, called to see if we could study together using the new study guide for the chronological gospels. So I am psyched! So I wanted to just check in and tell you what is happening. Thank you for all that you do”. -Nancy

“I am so thankful for the Aviv Fellowship Finder. A woman was told by a friend to google Messianic Fellowships in her area and she found our fellowship through this ministry. Thank you for doing what you do for the Kingdom or YHVH!” – Debra

“In 1993 I first heard Ron Wyatt at Minneapolis Minn., then in 1998 I sat across the table from him at Ft. Dodge, Iowa, and heard his testimony in person again. Then at our Des Moines Prophecy Club meeting, I heard Michael Rood as he spoke highly of Ron and his findings, and decided to buy all of Michaels videos. There are many men and women who are teaching Hebrew Roots, but non with the Fire and Passion that Michael does. Because of Michael we quit eating the garbage disposal animals, and found a Sabbath gathering near us, and now have started our own Aviv Fellowship. We are so thankful for all you are doing to help people all over the world learn the Truths that are in the Whole Bible”. – Rick

“Hello!!! I have already had some cool things happen due to your fellowship finder! My mother has been up in Iowa for a couple of weeks and we are going up to celebrate Sukkot with her on our farm. Two Sabbaths ago I thought to enter the zip code for Webster City, IA and low and behold there were three fellowships right around her! She visited the one in Clarion, IA where she made great connections and even went back for Trumpets and is there today! She is also contacting someone near there that has a fellowship of one. When we get there in 2 days, we will be celebrating with all of these new Aviv Friends for Sukkot! That is so cool!!! Thanks so much!” – Heather

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Commander Matthew Hall

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