“Thank you for wanting to support Aviv Fellowships. Everything we do is supported by donations from our partners, fellowship leaders, and fellowship members. Our online donation form is secure and safe so please click the donate button below to make a one time donation to the ministry.”

– David Robinson (Director of Aviv Fellowships)


The Content Is Always Encouraging (Bethany H.)
The content I receive in my inbox is always so encouraging. I love to hear what is happening with this movement and how it is growing.
Always Lifts My Mood (Tom P.)
It seems like my inbox is always full of discouraging news and content. I love getting emails and information from Aviv Fellowships because it always lifts my mood.
Thank You For Aviv Fellowships. (Yahova Inme)
Being apart of Aviv fellowships is vitally important to me and my family followers of Yeshua. I definitely have a passion for the truth. Thank you for Aviv fellowships. I am a guardian of the Aviv and proud of it!
It has helped our group to grow closer. (Jeff Hale)
Aviv Fellowships definitely helped our group to grow closer and learn the truth. YeHoVaH has blessed our group and slowly we are reaching out to our community. Thanks for all your hard work Aviv Fellowships Crew.